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About OM-Creations

Founded by Randahl Marion Crawford, Ocooch Mountain Conscious Creations is devoted to providing products and services to support individuals in moving from unconscious to conscious creations.

The Ocooch Mountains are an area of southwestern Wisconsin that was left untouched during the glaciers of the Ice Age. We are blessed with beautiful high stone ridges and deep lush valleys. The word “Ocooch” translates as “where one goes to get nourishment.” The words "Conscious Creations" were chosen because we have made a commitment to approach all that we do with heightened awareness and pure intention. OM–Creations, the name used for our website, gives voice to our vision through the sacred sound of OM.

Randahl Marion Crawford (aka Ahamananda) is a dedicated long-term spiritual practitioner. He received his Sanskrit name when he was ordained through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, Illinois.

Randahl designed the Pi Family™ of Meditation Benches as he searched for the best alignment for a seated meditation practice. Wanting to give the meditator's legs as much freedom as possible, Randahl's trial and error process led him to bring the supports more closely together under the bench. This became the Original Pi™ Meditation Bench. The other designs soon followed. Randahl continues to personally produce the benches by hand with love and good wood in the Ocooch Mountains of southwest Wisconsin.

Together with his wife, Lyrea, Randahl is also co-founder of the "Vitality Center," a yoga and therapeutic center in southwest Wisconsin. Click Vitality Center for more info.

And finally, Randahl is a spiritual songsmith. It has been said that, "Randahl Crawford's songs are deeply rooted in the human experience and at the same time challenge the Soul to realize its highest potential." Click for Videos and Trance End Presentations.

Our mailing address is:
18918 County Highway D, Hillsboro, WI 54634

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